From my real name: MARTON Loïc.

Born in January 1991 on a delicious night lit by its thousands of stars in the magnificent city of Annecy.

My artist name: Marlo, came to me when I was 14 when I wrote my first play. I created at that time the first "Junior-Association" of the department of Savoie in Albertville (France).

The aim is to promote art and culture among young people.

"The hope of art" was born.

The sponsor of my Junior-Association is the nomadic pianist, whose reputation is well established: Marc VELLA.

When I was 18 years old, the association became a street theater company.

I am its president and director.

I am appointed thereafter, president of a Cinematographic association in charge of creation and realization of films.

From my studies I get a CAP of cinema projection operator.

And I create the only Web-Television, of the City of Albertville, to this day.

Very quickly spotted by a Web-Television based in Aveyron, at Millau (France), I started journalistic studies.

I then move a lot from Millau to Montpellier in Hérault then Toulon in Var (Always France).

After a delicious career as an Image Reporter Journalist (J.R.I).

I open a Studio of photographic shots in Paris. "The image workshop".

And specializes in fashion domain.


In 2014 back to my origins.

I settle in Annecy the "Venice of the Alps" and improve my skills in the fields of image, sound and the performing arts.

I study artistic creation and communication.

My thirst for knowledge continues through courses in the field of social communication and cinema, with an apprenticeship within the CLCF (Free Conservatory of French Cinema).

My love of the image through visual and audiovisual creation is only growing.

I also thrive in scriptwriting for the production of short films and the shooting of some of them.

I have never forgotten my favorite areas.

I remained director of a media reporting company in Chambery and then relocated to the end of Lake Annecy, before it stopped completely.

Now installed since 2018 in Geneva in Switzerland, I never stop surpassing this passion for creation, which drives me!

"Marlo ART" !

"They didn't know it was impossible,
so they did it .... "

Mark Twain.